OH NO She's Wearing My Dress
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Call it duplicity, catastrophe, your worst nightmare…after all the searching, angst, deliberation and finally choosing your perfect formal dress…..you arrive at the event feeling like a million bucks and it happens…you see HER in your dress.

We call it the ultimate “Oh No! Moment” ….Do you have a dress disaster story to tell? Share it here!

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As this site has been created to be a fun, social, teen-oriented tool to be used and enjoyed in a positive manner by those interested in the content, stories that are negative, insulting, or obviously contrived will not be considered for posting.

Check out these stories that are Oh No! moments in the spirit of the site . . .

Dear DressPicks,
A bunch of girls from my school purposely went to different stores out of the area to get our dresses for prom thinking we would all have something different. Wouldn´t you know it…three of us ended up with the same dress! At least one was a different color. While it was not the end of the world, it sure would have been nice if we had DressPicks then! Thanks for creating it. We´ll use it for homecoming for sure!
-Sarah from West Chester PA

Dear DressPicks:
Talk about a dress disaster - I went to a homecoming last year at another school. I wish I had known that the girls at that school pretty much wear short dresses for homecoming. I wore a long dress, and while I looked great, I wished I could have whipped out a scissors and made it short for the night!
-Chelsea from Abington PA

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