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The links and sources of info below provide you and your guy with some good basic information about the world of tuxedos.

Italian Fashion Trends
This website presents a realistic overview of the pros and cons and how and why of getting a formal tuxedo thru renting or buying. Lots of related links but don´t click away until you check out the photos under the “prom tuxedo pictures link” showing the latest style trends for tuxedos and men´s formalwear. Some really cool looks to get your guy thinking!

Online Tux Style Guide
Great pics of all the new looks including hot contemporary looks by Jean Eves.

Should I Rent or Buy a Tux?
Article by Jim´s Formal Wear.

The Basics on Tuxedos
An A to Z article covering all the basics as well as the small important details on renting and choosing a tux. Written by someone who seems to have personal experience in the matter! Dry and factual but very good stuff!

Tuxedos Direct
This website offers tuxedos, vests, cummerbunds, shirts, shoes, cufflinks, and even a big and tall section.

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