Get Your Dibs Link Camera Pic

You planned. You searched. You found THE dress!
Not a moment to waste to help avert a “dress duplicity” catastrophe.
Get your dibs on that dress! It´s why we created DressPicks!!

Here´s how….

First, make sure you sign up to become a registered member of DressPicks™ and have a personal profile page. Already a member? Just log in to begin.

Next, make sure that the event you are attending and want to “Dib the Dress” for has been created in the events pages. If not, be the one to create the event listing right there from your profile page.

Then, simply take a digital photo of your fabulous dress, either on you from neck down or on a hanger against a plain muted background, showing the full dress and as much detail as possible. Taking a picture of the front and back is a good idea if the dress has unique features on both sides. Crop the photos before uploading.

These dress photos are an example:

Dress Dibs Upload These dress photos are an example:

Upload the photos of your dress to your closet. After you do you will be able to select the dress you want to dib from your closet for each event!

Last but definitely not least…Don´t forget to tell all your friends at school and on Facebook that you got your DressPicks!!!

Resizing Photos

Please resize your photo before uploading. We recommend you resize to 550 pixels wide. Thanks!