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The spectacular prints and vivid colors of this season´s dresses are amazing . . . Make sure your flowers complement the look and color of your spectacular dress! Never before have prom flowers been as creative as some of the designs you find being shared online and on blogs. There are many flowers in many price ranges that will complement any of the dress styles without breaking the bank to get it right. You just need the info and ideas!

We´ve tapped Terri Maclay, Central Pa´s Master Floral Designer, for some professional tips for getting the perfect posies for spring social events and prom! Read on . . .

Flowers shouldn´t be an afterthought or simply left in the hands of the florist to design on their own since they are a very visible accessory. You´ve carefully planned every other detail of your perfect look . . . don´t stop now! And be sure to check out the Blooms Links We Love page for more ideas and resources.

Get Online

BLOOMS Bracelt_Wrist_Corsage Dress Dibs Get Online

Check out our recommended links. See what florists all over the country are doing! Check out what flowers are readily available by season and in your desired colors. Print out pictures of corsages or bouts you like for reference. Think beyond the typical.

Flowers are being made up as rings, earrings, hair accents, shoe accents and a wide variety of corsages to be worn on the wrist, upper arm and even on the strap of a one shouldered dresses! When you buy your jewelry keep your flowers in mind. Skip the bracelet or let a cuff bracelet be the base of your corsage. Florists have pearled, beaded and metallic corsage cuffs to use as well. You can also provide the florist with your own flower accents such as ribbon, gems, bling or pin-ins that will make your flowers one of a kind!

Let the Dress Dictate Flower Style

BLOOMS Embellished_Wrist_Corsage DressDibs Let the Dress Dictate Flower Style

Let the style of your corsage or nosegay reflect and complement your dress style, amount of detail and color.

If you are wearing a vivid, modern print, keep the flowers clean and modern in a coordinating color. Select a single bloom in a complementary vivid color or a monochromatic grouping of flowers with a beautiful coordinating ribbon and just a touch of bling accent. How about a coordinating flower ring?

If your dress is one of the bold solid colors, have fun with flowers that pop out against the color or do a monochromatic mix of flowers that complement the vivid dress color all tied up with a fun ribbon in polka dot, plaid or stripes.

If your dress features the newest looks in layers of pleating, bows, floral or jeweled accents keep the flowers simple and classic. Pearl accents and feminine ribbon are sweet.

A short baby doll dress looks great with a chic or spunky corsage or even a flirty ball of daisies.

To Carry or Not To Carry

Nosegay Flowers for Prom DressDibs To Carry or Not To Carry

That´s the big question. Be the first girl to break with tradition and carry a nosegay or fun ´ball of color´ Flowers that are intense in color (roses, carnations, mums) are often not expensive and will give a bang for the buck especially massed together.

You´ll want to order a boutonniere of a matching accent flower or botanical to make a coordinated impact. Guys love things that are not fru -fru, so keep it simple! Ask the florist to wrap the stem with 1/8" coordinating ribbon or metallic twist formed into a tiny twist at the end, pinned on with black corsage pins for a finished look.

Lavender Fressia Boutonniere

Once you´ve done your homework--get with your guy (or more probably his mom) and talk about how awesome certain colors or specific flowers might look with your style of dress and his attire! Offer to go along to the florist to place the order so you can order his bout at the same time so they will match perfectly! Most guys will welcome the help. Guy´s Moms often enjoy the camaraderie and shopping as she misses out on the dress search!

Take your sample pictures, dress, dress fabric swatch or picture of your dress with you to the florist. A matching paint chip from a paint color booklet is a good way to provide an exact a color swatch if you don´t have any fabric.

Plan and Order Ahead

If your prom falls on Mother´s Day weekend or a weekend packed with other proms tell your florist that you don´t want your order lost in the shuffle. Give them time to order your desired flowers and always be prepared for the unpredictability of the flower market. Ask for a phone call from florist before substitutions are used.

Be sure if you leave any accessories with your order that directions are written down and the accessories are securely attached to the order!! The person who makes your flowers is often not the person who takes your order!!

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